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Let's Make a Difference is dedicated to providing you with simple ways that YOU CAN make a difference on this planet. Locally and internationally, we will have a variety of ways that you can support many causes.

Please make this your homepage and regularly click on the charitable links below!

Latest News

Hockey Related Volunteer Opportunities in Calgary - Feb. 6
These are the volunteer opportunities that I think people who might not normally volunteer would be interested in. Part of it is that volunteering takes TIME and energy - but why not sign up for a one day event doing something that you love?

HOCKEY FANS UNITE! Ronald McDonald House requires volunteers on April 30th & May 1st for the street hockey festival Contact Kristy at 403-240-3000x113

HITMEN HOCKEY If you are interested in selling 50-50 tickets during the March 12 Hitmen Game for Distress Centre Calgarycall Michelle at 403-266-1601.

As always, check out Volunteer Calgary for other opportunities that you could do with a few spare hours of your time!

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Make an extra sandwich
2000 children every day in Calgary are fed a lunch provided for them by Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids. 2000! Calgary is NOT alone in this problem - in every city there are children going hungry. Kids learn better when they are not hungry.

Check out their website to learn more about this great organization in Calgary. (I like their website domain - brilliant!) www.makeityourproblem.ca

Here are 3 simple things you can do to help:
1) Send an extra sandwich with your kids to school.
2) Donate your money so they can feed more kids in more schools
3) Donate your time - help make the sandwiches.

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Please give your time
Volunteer Calgary has some cool opportunities this week (well - every week if you look).

Telus World of Science is holding TECHhead 2010 and needs Electrical or Mechanical Engineers to be tech experts. http://www.calgaryscience.ca/organization/careers/volunteers.php

Bow Cliff Seniors home needs a luncheon shopper. We all shop for groceries every week - maybe you could shop for their lunch groceries at the same time you do your own. Click here to find out more.

The Boys and Girls Club of Calgary needs homework helpers. I'm not sure I'd be great at helping kids with science - but I'm sure there are people out there who are and can spare some hours to help a kid. It is a cliche but children ARE our future. Check it out here.

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2010 - What choices will you make?
I started this blog a couple of years ago and I keep meaning to devote more time to it. So here is my resolve: I will post at least 3 times a week on here and promote opportunities for people to make a difference in their homes, communities and in the world. Pick one area or pick all three but we have the opportunity to make a difference all day, every day. And as I look at my previous posts - they all still apply!! Won't it be nice to one day look back and say - we didn't need that anymore?

Michael Pollen was just on Oprah and talked about how we have a vote three times a day. We can vote on where we choose to buy our food. I'd like to take it a step further:

You have a choice in every decision you make - will it enhance your life? Others around you? Will it inspire you?

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Give your time, not your money
Honestly - when was the last time you volunteered your time? I'm starting to wonder if the world is full of those who volunteer and, well, those who don't. But what better way to get out into the world, meet new people, and try new things?

So for those of you in Calgary, check out Volunteer Calgary. Search the database for things you like to do or look at the volunteer highlights for this week. Maybe challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Figure out what works for you and do it. And don't limit yourself. For instance - Habitat for Humanity is looking for a volunteer snack coordinator who will seek out groups to bake snacks that are then given out on the work sites. So maybe you are not up for that entire task but maybe you are willing to bake a few dozen cookies to add to the cause. You can make a difference with your time!

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What have you done today?
Malaria Bites.

The Red Cross in Canada only pays $7 for the mosquito nets (on Idol Gives Back they were $10). So I'm bargain shopping for the greater good.

More importantly, I love their website. I love that they challenge me by saying "I saved 11 lives today and it only cost me $77. What have you done today?" But we don't have unlimited wallets. We'll be honest there. As much as we'd love to constantly give money, we can't.

So what can you do without opening your wallet? For starters, please click on the links for the hunger site and charityclicks.ca (on the right side of this page). Click on the links that will then have advertisers donate. It's free to you, for a good cause and only takes your time.

Idol Gives Back
Remember Live Aid? Either the anniversary of it or the original. And then there was the comedy one the Whoopi, Robin Williams and Billy Crystal did. I love it when famous people come together for the greater good. And I hope Americans contributed large.

But as a Canadian I had to hope that we would contribute to local causes. Save the Children operates in Canada and would benefit from your contribution directly to them. Lesley Yedon won an award last year for her knitting contributions. Click here to learn more about Lesley and find out how you can knit to help kids around the world.

Let's not ignore the children in our own community who need our help. Click here to learn more about Save the Children in Canada.

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